Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Houston Public Library has started a trial program where books are carried out to patrons' cars at two of the system's more parking-challenged branches. At least one public library in CT has had a drive-through window for some time now, similar to the drive-through window at a bank. In fact, the building may have been a bank in a former life.



  1. If you are talking about the Wilton Library (in CT), I can tell you that the building did not used to be a bank. There is a bank next door which used to be the library. I was director there from 1985-1994. The drive-up window was added as part of the expansion and renovation in the mid-2000s. Kathy Leeds is the director who arranged for it.

  2. Thanks, Michael! I knew I'd seen it somewhere, but I couldn't remember where. Makes a lot more sense to me than carrying the books out to a car that may be circling the parking lot.