Friday, September 9, 2011

Nook Color FAQ Sheet

Can I use OverDrive?

Do I need a separate computer to use OverDrive?
Books in the “Always Available” collection can be downloaded directly to the Nook Color. Other EPUB books require a separate computer running the OverDrive Media Console program and Adobe Digital Editions. Books are downloaded to the computer and then transferred to the Nook Color. A separate computer is also needed to delete expired books from the Nook Color.

How many books will it hold?
The Nook Color comes with 8GB of memory (expandable to up to 32GB with a microSD™ memory card). Approximately 5GB are available to store content, of which up to 4GB may be reserved for content purchased from the Barnes & Noble NOOK Store, which leaves 1GB free for your own content. The Help, by Kathryn Stockett, is 453KB in the EPUB format, so the Nook Color could hold about 2,207 copies of The Help in that 1GB if you only borrowed them from OverDrive. If you purchased a copy from Barnes & Noble, it could hold about  4 times that many copies.

How long does the battery last?
Read for up to 8 hours without recharging with wireless off.

Can I read the screen in sunlight?
The LED backlit display gives an effect that is more like a computer monitor than a page in a book, and can be hard to read in strong daylight. However, there are anti-glare screen protectors that can be purchased separately, and the brightness of the display itself can be adjusted from within the reader application. The background can be changed from white to a pale sepia.

Screen resolution?
1024 x 600 at 169 pixels per inch (PPI)

Size? Weight?
Height: 8.1 inches, Width: 5.0 inches, Depth: 0.48 inches; 15.8 ounces

How large / how many sizes can I make the words display?
There are 6 text sizes, with selectable font styles, background colors, line and margin spacing.

How do you turn the page?
Touch or swipe the screen from right to left to turn to the next page, or from left to right to go to the previous page.

Does it remember my place?
Yes, when you reopen a book you were reading, it opens at the last page you were reading. You can also set bookmarks and go to the beginning of any chapter.

How much does it cost?
The Nook Color with WiFi currently lists for $249.

Do I have to subscribe to a service?
No. The Nook Color comes with built-in WiFi. There is no 3G option.

Are the batteries self-replaceable or does it need to be sent in when they die?
The batteries are not self-replaceable. The Nook Color must be returned to the factory for a battery replacement.

Can I use it with multiple formats?
The Nook Color supports these formats for eBooks, graphics, audio, and other file types, transferred from your computer using the USB cable, or from a microSD card, or downloaded from the Web: EPUB (including Non- or Adobe DRM); PDF; Other documents: XLS, DOC, PPT, PPS, TXT, DOCM, XLSM, PPTM, PPSX, PPSM, DOCX, XLX, PPTX; Graphics: JPG, GIF, PNG, BMP; Audio: MP3, MP4, AAC; Video: MP4, Adobe® Flash®; Not Supported: LIT, AMZ (Amazon), LRZ/LRX (Sony). The Color Nook works with our subscription EBSCO database, which includes many popular full-text magazine titles in PDF and HTML format.

Can it connect to the Internet?
Yes, there is a web browser built-in. Books can be purchased from Barnes & Noble and downloaded immediately anywhere there is a WiFi signal.

Can I use it to watch video?
You can play videos at YouTube. Amazon streaming video also works, but it’s not really full screen.

What else does it do?
Pre-loaded apps include Email, Pandora® Internet radio, Chess, Crossword, Sudoku, Media Gallery, and NOOK Friends™. You can loan purchased books to your friends who have a Nook Color. The Nook Color will store and display your photos, music, and videos in the supported formats, either downloaded from the Web or transferred via USB cable. Because of the large format and the screen resolution, the Nook Color works comfortably with many websites without having to resort to a special mobile app. It has a true multi-touch screen and the web browser display can be zoomed in and out easily by “pinching” the display with two fingers, but I found the response to be sluggish at times. It’s better than typing on a 12-key phone keypad, but I wouldn’t want to use the on-screen keyboard for typing anything lengthy. More games can be purchased online from the Nook store.

A good value as an eReader, with many of the additional features that you’d expect from a WiFi-enabled device. In a completely informal, not anywhere near random survey I conducted at a techie workshop I went to in March, the predominant large format device was the iPad, followed closely by the Nook Color.

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